Paper Doll Therapy Blog – Its A Thing

So, a blog.

I’m a 28 year old someone. I’m recovering from trauma, learning to manage my PTSD, dealing with some serious attachment issues, and I need a place to talk about it for two reasons.

One, because maybe it might help someone.

Two, because I need to get my thoughts out and its nice to know you’re not alone.

Other blogs have inspired this journey. Blogs like Life Without Hurt, Therapy Sucks, and Tales of A Boundary Ninja. I actually have a successful blog out in the blogosphere, where I’m way less anonymous, so writing is pretty second nature to me.

However, this blog shall remain anonymous, for now. My trauma revolves around family and we are, if nothing else, a dysfunctional (understatement) unit of people. However, I don’t intentionally want to hurt them – and them finding me airing what they would call grievances (what I would call trauma… and less often and more reluctantly stories of abuse) publicly in the internet world, well, that would create more problems than it would solve for me.

So I shall anonymously blog.

The name of this blog comes from the song Paper Doll by Bea Miller. The particular parts that catch my eye are these ones.

Did somebody make you feel invisible?
Is it true hurt people hurt people?
The way you hate and break
It don’t make sense at all
But you’re not gonna make me feel invisible.

I’m not a paper doll
Can’t make me what you want
You just build me up and tear me down
Enough’s enough
Go, leave me alone
Cut me down but I won’t fall

I’m not a paper doll.

Welcome to my blog – and thank you, for making me feel less alone.


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