I’m grateful today.

For the six ladies who made my bachelorette incredibly special and full of laughs and silly photos. For the fact it ended at 10pm cause they know I’m an old lady and wouldn’t want to be out later.

For the fact that my period (tmi?) didn’t show up today. The first day is incredibly painful and difficult and it would have sucked to be in pain all day while out wine touring and having fun.

For the bank that out of nowhere extended my line of credit so I’m no longer drowning in debt that I didn’t know what to do with along with an impending wedding. 

For the fact that for 10 hours today I didn’t think about feeling awful and insecure due to the flashback. That I didn’t feel like I do again now – hyper vigilant and hyper sensitive. 

That I got some peace and got to enjoy my bachelorette. One day down, two to go.


7 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. I’m so happy for you! And impressed that you took the time to write about it, because it’s so hard to remember that anything good ever happened when we feel awful, so it’s good to have a reminder.

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