Hi PD,
In case it still works on your end I’ve now resolved my child care situation on Monday and can do 4:30pm.
All the best,



22 thoughts on “WTF

    • Me too. In each email back I mentioned something about how it was affecting me – the last I said “this back and forth has been overwhelming”

      And all I got was “hi PD, see you Monday at 4:30 for an hour and a half – A”

      And now I’m left feeling like she doesn’t even want to see me.


      • I’m sure she has reasons, and that doesn’t at all change how infuriating it is for her to fuck you around and appear to completely ignore the impact on you. Especially because you need her at the moment after a hard week in MO and now you have to deal with this before processing everything else that’s happened.

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      • I think it’s the appearance of her ignoring the impact on me that is my biggest issue. And exactly, now my $200 or so this week has to be spent around my relationship with her. I needed her to be an ally, and instead she’s joined the other side momentarily.


  1. I actually laughed aloud at this, out of sheer disbelief not because I found it funny!
    I think the inconsistancy needs to be addressed. Don’t therapists understand how upsetting and triggering it can be?
    PD hang in there in MO, I’m in a different time zone but I if ive worked things out right you should be going home soon. Well done for not drinking, MASSIVE achievement 🙂 xx

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    • I don’t know what I am going to do honestly. I’ve rehearsed everything from being silent to being outright angry to cancelling in my mind.

      I am sure it will come up, as my boss made it a condition of letting me go (again) that I address it with her.

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      • I think it might be best to address it. After all, you’re going to therapy to learn how to be better at those things, right? I know it’s going to be hard so I hope you will be able to be brave and face the discomfort. I’m sure that things will turn out for the better – I’ve learned that burying thoughts and emotions is what leads to breakdowns in relationship and issues in the future. Also, she’s your therapist – she would want to help you through those feelings.

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  2. Okay. That’s majorly frustrating. Your anger, and hurt, and abandonment-feeling, and any other feelings you have are valid. I would be all of those things, I’m sure. Take a deep breath and try to do some sort of self-care or relaxing thing.

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    • Yea. I am not happy. I had to reconvene with my boss and ask for the time back and to say he isn’t happy would be an understatement.

      I was at an open bar wedding when I got the email (and wrote this) but since I was driving I was okay and stuck with water. Like, wth. What on earth am I supposed to say to her now.

      I did email “this back and forth has been overwhelming” but she did her typical respond with no emotion crap.

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      • I am happy that you didn’t drink since you were driving. Let her know in session how much this back and forth bothered you. It’s okay that it bothered you. Let her know so in the future, she will act differently.
        I think you’ll be okay with work. From what you’ve written, it sounds like you’re a hard worker who does her job well. When you’re back at work and he can physically see that you’re doing your job, I’m sure he will be okay and his unhappiness will work itself out.

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      • I think the combination of everything has really messed with me. My boss did make it a condition of me going that I address the inconsistency with her and how it is affecting me and work.

        I think at this point I just need to get out of MO and back where I can think straight. Thank you for validating my emotions — it is so hard to not feel like I’m insane right now.

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      • You’ve got a lot going on while being in a triggering environment. You go back home tomorrow, right? You’re almost through this, and you’ll be able to relax and get out of this triggering situation soon.

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