Ohh Hey, 2017

It’s a new year.

One thing I’ve been doing lately is going over all my old journals and diaries. I used to make way too many resolutions. 25 to 30 of them, all about ways I needed to change, or be better. I didn’t really need to change at all. My environment was the issue. 

I’m not about that anymore.  I refused to let myself make more than one this year. And I refuse to make it about changing who I am at a fundamental level.

So that one resolution? I resolve to pursue deep healing. This came about from one of those ‘screenshot and whatever you get is your resolution’ gifs on Facebook. And I got deep healing, and it was perfect.

I need to continue to do what is best for me this year. And so it is, and so it will be. 


7 thoughts on “Ohh Hey, 2017

  1. Whoohoo!! That is so awesome! I have decided that I wasn’t gonna do resolutions either. Happy New Year PD! I hope your year will be a good, productive, and healing one! 🙂 I know you deserve it!

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  2. That is perfect 🙂
    I understand why as a child you would make so many resolutions. Maybe it seemed like if you changed enough, things would be different. And you could control yourself much more than you can control the environment. So you made resolutions to change yourself. But you’re right- you didn’t need to change yourself.

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