This is a short one, but give me your book recommendations. My resolution is on deep healing and I’m looking for your favourite book recommendations on the topic of emotional neglect, boundaries, living with toxic siblings, healing, and empowering self help. Anything you recommend. Here’s what I have on my list so far. I’m aiming for one a month. 

  1. You are a badass – Jen Sincero
  2. Healing the Shame That Binds – John Bradshaw
  3. Running on Empty: Overcoming Childhood Neglect – Dr. Janice Webb
  4. Boundaries – Dr. Henry Cloud
  5. The Places That Scare You – Pema Chodron
  6. When Things Fall Apart – Pema Chodron

So hit me with your best recommendations, those books that have really made an impact for you! 


8 thoughts on “Books

  1. Unstuck – The seven stage journey out of depression. James Gordon.

    Our issues are maybe not so similar in all respects, but this is the book that’s helping me currently. About body based healing from depression. Cheers.


  2. Reasons to stay alive – Matt Haig
    The emotionally absent mother – Jasmin Lee Cori

    I don’t know if the following are available in the USA or Canada but might be available through Kindle:
    The Skeleton Cupboard – Professor Tanya Byron
    Mad Girl – Bryony Gordon

    I have never read or used ‘The emotionally absent mother’ but it was recommended by Kati Morton. I don’t know if you have heard of her. She is a therapist with a YouTube channel with hundreds of mental health videos. She also recommends the Courage to Heal workbook.

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  3. Okay, I apologize in advance for the shameless self-promotion but I’m a bit partial to the newly published book I wrote with a former long-term therapy client of mine. It’s a story of trauma, mental illness, healing and recovery, told from the perspectives of both of client and therapist. Lots about healing. Lots about boundaries…
    Just saying…I’d be honored to hear your thoughts. It’s available on Amazon…

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