I’m Back

I’ve come out of private blog land. I’m going to try not to go back and forth. I think I really need to be conscious of what I’m writing here, and decide what I do and do not want to share. There are two reasons I came back public.

1) What I’m learning (about complex PTSD and recovery) really does have the potential to help other people. I wish I had found all of your blogs earlier on in my journey, and maybe someone will find mine and find it helpful.

2) I don’t want to hide. I’m not saying everyone who is private is hiding, but I don’t want to hide. So I’m here. I’m sharing. I’m back. And I don’t plan on going away again (although the content and direction of my posts may change)


9 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. So glad you are back. You have such a great and honest voice and it is so valuable to many of us who are new on this journey. Thank you for sharing with me and others. And Welcome Back!!!!

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  2. Good on you. I kept doing that as well but I would want to start over and delete all my stuff and create a brand new blog. I get afraid of my words or how depressed I “sound”. I am glad your back. We did follow each other on my last blog I believe (stillnessinwoe).

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