I cracked.

I made it 13 days, but I’m sitting at a bar, by myself, downtown, nursing 6oz of wine. And feeling so fucking good because of it. I’m about to take my last swig and head home. 

With the amount of crazy I’m carrying this week, it was this or SH. And I don’t really give a shit. I drank, and it was awesome. #noregrets


10 thoughts on “Cracked

  1. How are you feeling now, a day later? Are you doing okay? I hope you are being gentle with yourself.

    Years ago, a wise therapist said to me that SH and other related behaviors were always choices that we could turn to when we experience distress. She never wanted to take that choice away. She just wanted to help me develop more options to choose from, including some that would be better for my emotional and/or physical health. I love that take on things; it’s so compassionate. It leaves room for us to keep on developing a wider range of coping and self-soothing strategies without judging us for not already having them or being comfortable using them.

    You are fine and lovely as you are, with or without your wine, and I’m sorry you are carrying a lot of crazy this week. Wishing you easier days ahead! xo

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