Dear A (therapy break edition)


I have decided I need a break from therapy. I am feeling a strong desire for significant amounts of space from the work we are doing together. 

I would like to cancel my next two sessions (April x and x), and schedule something for the first week of May. 

– PD


11 thoughts on “Dear A (therapy break edition)

  1. PD – I have to second and third what was said above. I think just by reading your past posts that when things get really hard you turn to drinking and wanting to leave therapy…both things I do as well – so no judgment here. But, this is when the really good work gets done. And even in those breaks from the hard stuff, like was mentioned above, the connection is re-established and you regain your footing. Please reconsider sending this and take care of you.

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  2. I’m going to say exactly what I said last time. I bet there is a part of you who wants to go, so I’d go. You’re an adult – you can always leave once you’re there! Not even A could stop you! But I’d keep the commitment that you made to yourself.
    At the same time it’s okay to ask A for a break from the tough stuff. T emailed me the other day and said “therapy doesn’t always mean working and ‘making progress'”
    Oh… I’d never considered that. It’s okay to have a few “chill” sessions to breathe with A and regain your “therapy energy.”
    In my session yesterday T and I colored in mandalas. We talked about therapy stuff, but we didn’t go too deep because I just couldn’t. We also talked about simple stupid things such as which childhood foods were our favorite, etc. And instead of judging and getting mad at myself for not “making progress” I decided that it was nice to connect with T with a light (but not fake) conversations simply because I have been SO OVERWHELMED with crap recently (and she knows it now that I sent her those posts, so I didn’t feel like I was ‘faking it.’

    I’m not in your situation and it is of course based on what you need (I wouldn’t want sessions like that ALL the time!!!) but I just know that I didn’t want to go yesterday. At all. I went. And it was good that I went. T and I took a moment to “breathe” and just connect again. And it was wonderful. I’m not telling you what to do… just mentioning that it’s okay to back away from the really hard stuff. Unfortunately, it will always be there for you and A to tackle later. 😘

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  3. I agree with Sirena. Sometimes we just need to push through, no matter how painful it is. No matter how much we feel we need to get away for a while. I also say this because there’s a chance that if you take a therapy break during this time, the work will stall, and you’ll eventually get back to this place again anyway. *hugs* ❤

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  4. Please don’t cancel. This is a reaction to the work you’re doing and a break wouldn’t be good right now, not without at least going in and speaking to her face to face about it. There’s always the other option of asking to go in for the next few weeks and not do any deep work, if you really need a rest. But don’t retreat in defence, the more vulnerable parts of you need her.

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