What These Islands Have Taught Me

That I am whole. That all my experiences – good and bad – make me into one.

That things pass and change, the clouds I saw as I did yoga on the beach this morning are gone, moved on to another island. Like our thoughts move and land somewhere else. We acknowledge them, and move through. 

That I love to swim, I love to hike, I love nature. I need more of it.

That I want to fly a helicopter.

That having social media off my phone is an incredible gift I gave myself. And that I’m going to keep it that way when I get home.

That life and therapy – everything really – is a process. That the best thing to do is surrender to that process and accept that doing the best we can has to be enough and the universe is going to take care of the rest. 

That I am deserving of some real love and kindness.

That I kind of like who I am. 

That I remain way too affected by the words and actions of others – my hypersensitivity to my environment means I can’t be rooted in my own sense of self… yet. 

That I hate running and I’m going to stop doing it simply because everyone else does. 

That I love yoga, and swimming, and traveling.

That my husband is my best friend and quite simply one of the greatest gifts life has given me.

That having faith doesn’t have to equate to adhering to a specific religion. To have faith is to believe with all of you in something. 

That this journey, my life, has been really hard at times – but that I’ve also come really far. 

That Lu and Dave are very important people to me. 

That this world is so much bigger than I am.

That operating heart first, showing compassion first to ourselves and then to others, may be the key to happiness. 

That I am allowed to have needs.

And that grilled pineapple is hella good on a cheeseburger.


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