Straighten That F*cking Crown

This morning, I called my Mom.

I know, I know, I’m a sucker for punishment. 

But I had such a good session with A yesterday, back to feeling supported (hence the gratitude post). And this morning a female entrepreneur group I am a part of really rallied around the fact that some of our Moms kind of suck, and I learned a lot from it (more on that tomorrow).

We were talking, and she asked what I had coming up, and I was like ‘well, it’s my birthday next week’ and she was like “really? Oh, I forgot about that.” 

I waited to feel angry, or anything really. This the woman who didn’t speak to me for a year when I forgot Mother’s Day. 

But there was just acceptance. This is the way it is. And her and my Dad are going to Europe soon and they have a funeral to go to (these are all the reasons why she couldn’t remember the day she birthed me).

Sometimes it’s easier to see her through the lens of someone who never had a chance to grow up. 

So I hung up the phone, straightened my crown, and got to work. 


5 thoughts on “Straighten That F*cking Crown

  1. Well done PD. You deserve that crown.

    I am sorry though that your mom continues to let you down like this. But this is a reflection on her and not you. You, my girl, are amazing!

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Eat loads of cake for me, I’m on a healthy eating kick, pffft 😂

    Loads of love ❤️

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  2. oh pd, my heart goes out to you. in all honesty, how can you forget your childs birthday? the day you brought them into the world? i’d think you’d remember that. i am sorry she let you down, yet again! xo

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  3. Wow, that says a lot–about her, I mean.

    And the straightening of your crown says a lot about you. It says strong, brave, realistic, clear-sighted, and QUEEN OF YOUR OWN LIFE. It says awesome.

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