Pattern, Meet Adult PD

Hello Pattern,

How are you? You’ve been sleepy lately, haven’t you. You haven’t had much of a need to wake up. I’m glad you’re here now, though, because there is someone I want you to meet.

You spent a lot of time protecting me. Getting me what I needed. I wasn’t allowed to talk about what was going on, so you lied to people so I could have a hug. You told people stories so that I got what I needed.

You know what, pattern? Thank you. Thank you so much for that. You made it so I got here. You made it so growing up was a possibility. And no, it’s not necessarily how I would have chosen to get here, but it’s how we did. And I’m grateful. 

But I want to introduce you to adult PD. She’s 29, and pretty smart. She has a really good career, an incredible husband, and she’s moved us 4000km away from all the pain. She’s trying really hard to move forward. But there are people she can talk to. She has A, and Dave and his gf, and Lu, and husband. She has people. And she can tell these people the truth.

So I want you to know I love you for showing up. You perceived a threat last week, and you jumped to defend us. But adult PD is okay, and she needs to handle this on her own.

We will always need you, pattern. We’re not going to get rid of you. And you probably saved our lives. But we just don’t need you right now, so please let go…




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