PSA: Don’t quit your meds cold turkey.


Just wow.

Heading to the clinic tomorrow a.m.

Will sleep with the help of an Ativan tonight.

Swore I could feel the sound of my air conditioner last night and am currently tingly from head to toe.

How fucked is this?


15 thoughts on “PSA: Don’t quit your meds cold turkey.

  1. The tingliness has been a recurring challenge for me, along with involuntary muscle contractions/spasms. And that’s even though I’ve been going down only about 3 beads at a time (those little beads taken out of a capsule) to come off the Effexor. Some drugs are worse than others, I’m told by my psychiatric nurse, and of course people vary too in how they react. I’m glad you went back on, and then when you decide to come off, you can do it in a way that is gentler on your mind and body.

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  2. I’m so sorry things took a turn. I was secretly hoping this would be an easy transition for you. When you said in your last post you felt your body waking up I thought “that’s so great…go…keep going!” If you still desire to go off your meds, maybe a more controlled way will be better. I would love for you to feel that feeling again! I have not taken antidepressants so it’s hard for me to relate. I hope you feel better soon.

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    • Thanks DV. I will likely email at some point regarding tapering and such. I feel much better, took one this morning and have 89 now left to go.

      My husband made the point of now is not the time, and I hate that he’s right, but he is. I’ve never had such an aversion to them before, I wonder why now.

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      • “why now” is a question worth examining very hard, in particular whether it is a form of denial or avoidance.

        Think about what being on the antidepressants represents to you and what it is about that meaning that you might be trying to get away from. Or whether it’s possible that the *process* of withdrawal would be a way of avoiding other work you are doing or that needs doing in your life or therapy? (I think the psychological term for this is displacement).

        I say this because when I look at the main reasons I went off antidepressants, they were completely reasonable. And so were the layers of reasons immediately under that. But dig deeper and there was a whole lot of avoidance.

        In my case I can honestly say that I wasn’t trying to deny a diagnosis of depression or take a philosophical stand against antidepressants, because at the time I commenced withdrawal I firmly believed in the biological model of depression and the value of long term antidepressants, and I’d never even heard of CPTSD or thought I had any ‘trauma’ in my background. I really did want to go off them to get rid of the sexual side effects, and also because being so sensitive to dose changes meant I had unpleasant withdrawal symptoms every single time I forgot to take the tablets for a day or two and this was a major inconvenience (e.g. if I went away for a weekend and forgot to bring my pills).

        The reason for wanting to not have the sexual side effects (wanting to have an intimate relationship) was also quite valid, at least on the surface. I had worked out that I had never got and never would get the deep love and nurturing I needed from my parents, it was not a reasonable thing to expect from friends, so the only way to get it was to have a partner. But I was already in the position of having ditched most of my friends because of the re-enactment group bullying, and jumping into the process of coming off antidepressants and then jumping into the process of trying to date after I’d got through the whole withdrawal drama, was kind of avoiding the issue of needing to ALSO make more friends. It was really very similar to the way I’d avoided examining the reasons why I didn’t want to get into a romantic relationship again after my divorce, by becoming completely immersed in the re-enactment group activities in the first place. I mean, seriously, thousands of women have their husband cheat on them, but how many of them attempt suicide and then never have sex or a romantic relationship again afterwards because of it? There have to be some serious underlying problems, and that idea never crossed my mind until recently. It also did not occur to me to question my assumption that if I was not enthusiastically sexual, no-one would want to date me.

        Your reasons are going to be completely different from mine because you have a different history, but it’s worth digging down to find them.

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