She Emailed Him Again

My Mom emailed my husband again.

She called to tell me. And she read it to me. And it was actually quite nice, and well intentioned. She’s been losing sleep over it. It took her 6 months to write it down. And it’s basically “let’s forget it and move on.” 

Thing is, my husband and I have been arguing today and I don’t want him to find it while in a bad mood.

I also am not sure how he will react. He doesn’t want to forget it and move on. He wants to discuss it. But it’s her reaching out. 

I don’t know what he is going to do, but I need him to not blindside me again. 

Damnit A. Fucking fantastic timing. 


12 thoughts on “She Emailed Him Again

  1. This is bad timing for A to take vacation, but I know you’ll be okay. I know this because I know how strong you are.
    Do you find out odd that she called to read you the email? It seems like she’s trying to put you in the middle. I could be wrong, I hope I’m wrong. Just be careful.

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  2. I think you and he could accept the positive aspects of the gesture of her reaching out while still point blank refusing to give her what she has asked for.

    My experience with my dad of my offering to draw a line under the past and build a new relationship as two adults was a dismal failure, because he didn’t stick to the agreement. Which ultimately resulted in my losing trust in him far more than anything he’d done or not done earlier in my life, and deciding to cut him out of my life completely. Whatever decision you make and whatever relationship you build with your mother or other family, it’s only going to happen with honesty and insight. That’s happening on your end, she/they need to reciprocate if they’re serious.

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  3. Oh, so mothers meddling in relationships ISN’T something that gets outgrown. Lovely.

    I have no advice for you here beyond you at least know what you’re dealing with soooo you have a teensy advantage. Use it well and be safe.

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      • It is a been-there-done-that-all-too-recently sentence. My mother waited until six months after stuff ended with my ex-ish-creature to tell me what she REALLY thought of him, and somehow I was SURPRISED because she’d managed to play nice on the few occasions she’d had to deal with him. But no, apparently she didn’t approve of him ’cause he doesn’t make enough money. Real cute. (It’s been like a month and I’m still pissed off because on the scale of shit she has hidden from me, this is second only to the fact that we don’t actually know who my birthdad was and I found that out via finding old email printouts. At age 20. Which means I got lied to about the existence of medical records – pretty significant thing – for TWO GODDAMNED DECADES.)

        (Sorry for the rant, but I’ve been in the trenches here and I can’t vent about it on my own blog ’cause she’d SEE that and I don’t need that kind of disaster in my life right now.)

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