Anchor in the storm


“Hi A,

I realize you’ve been gone all of like four days (and for all I know you aren’t actually gone yet) and trust me when I say this is such a hard email to write because I was so determined to not write it, and I feel needy. 

But you did offer, and you did say it didn’t have to be an emergency, but it has definitely felt like one, and I held on for 48 hours chastising myself because it hasn’t been long enough – but you didn’t put a time frame on it, at least not that I remember. You didn’t tell me I could only contact you ‘x’ days after you had left (I’m still trying to convince myself it’s okay to write this).

Anyways, I figured I would email you now because it may take a few days to find a time that works for both of us – but can we try to schedule a time to talk? 

I can provide context if you need me to,”


“I’m glad you emailed. Let’s book a time to talk. The best time on my end is around {details that give away my location}. Let me know if you prefer a shorter or regular session length. Tomorrow (Tuesday) or Thursday work for me.”

Thank God.


11 thoughts on “Anchor in the storm

  1. A is so amazing. You are blessed to have her in your life to help keep you steady and on track. I’ve had so much to say the last few posts you’ve had but I’ve bit my tongue not wanting to add areas with my opinions. You have enough of that!

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